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For many of us, death is an uncomfortable topic. Talking to our loved ones about their funeral wishes, or communicating our funeral wishes to them, can be especially difficult. The Farewell Guide tool aims to change this. 

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The Better Way To Plan A Funeral

Arranging a funeral can feel overwhelming, especially when faced with uncertainty about your loved one's wishes and unclear costs. That's where The Farewell Guide steps in. Our platform is designed to alleviate this burden and guide you through these challenging moments.

With our pioneering funeral planning tool, individuals can securely document their end-of-life preferences in one accessible location, easily shared with family and friends. Moreover, our comparison tool empowers users to seamlessly explore funeral providers that match those wishes and budget, connecting them with trusted local funeral directors to fulfil these wishes.

Farewell signifies the expression of good wishes upon parting. We're here to help you articulate those sentiments, share them, compare them, and discover the best providers to honour them. Accessibility is paramount at The Farewell Guide. That's why all our resources are provided free of charge.

We want to take away the taboo of death

Our mission is three-fold: to open up meaningful discussions about death between loved ones; to make funeral costs and services transparent; and to empower people to celebrate their lives in the way that they choose. 

Rebecca, our founder, dedicates the concept of The Farewell Guide to her Auntie Kathy. After the tragic loss of her Aunt, she witnessed her young family navigate this awful time - and it allowed Rebecca to see first hand the difficulties of dealing with a funeral, finances and family grief. The process of organising a funeral had to be changed, and this is how The Farewell Guide was born. “Kathy lit up so many people’s lives. This tool will help thousands of families through the toughest moments of their lives: celebrating those that have lived, and creating lasting legacies for future generations. For every family that The Farewell Guide helps, my hope is that a part of my auntie’s spirit continues to shine through.”

In loving memory of Kathleen Kenny
6th April 1961 – 19th May 2019

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