At The Farewell Guide we want to make sure that everyone can access our
digital services including our website, portal and communications.

How do we make things more accessible?

We need to consider digital accessibility at every stage of creating products and services at The Farewell Guide. And it must not end there. We need to constantly review and improve everything we build and develop.

The 8 stage process makes sure that there is responsibility for accessibility at all stages of product and service development.

8 stage accessibility process

The aim of this process is to catch accessibility issues as early as possible, avoiding a build-up of expensive ‘accessibility debt’ that we’ll need to fix in the future.

1. Procurement
We will:
assess all online products and services that we buy against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 criteria document the reasons if the criteria is not met raise it with the product manager

2. Research
We will:
carry out research with 1 in 5 participants who have a known disability (motor, cognitive, vision or hearing)

3. Design
We will:
use our inclusive design review document when reviewing designs include people with disabilities in our review sessions on a regular basis record any reasons for not meeting accessibility guidelines and share with the product owner

4. Front end build at a component level
We will:
run automated testing against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines while building new components

5. Content
We will:
score content accessibility quarterly support content creators to produce accessible content

6. Quality assurance
We will:
be involved from the design stage test key journeys with people with disabilities

7. Automated testing of live products and services
We will:
run continuous automated testing against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 throughout product development have development standards that include accessibility make sure new starters read the standards

8. Annual accessibility audits
We will:
carry out annual audits of digital products and services

Awareness and support for the accessibility policy
We will:

  • provide regular training to make sure everyone involved in developing online products and services are aware of accessibility needs
  • make the accessibility policy easily accessible encourage people to attend sessions to see how people use technology in different ways
  • create a network of people with an interest in accessibility to build and share knowledge
  • liaise with The Farewell Guide team so that they aware of the accessibility policy
  • produce a communications plan to generate awareness and commitment to the accessibility policy and guidelines

Help with accessibility
For help and support making our products and services accessible, contact us.
This might include:
contacting the accessibility champion network at The Farewell Guide help with accessibility testing tools and access to people with disabilities

Reporting and volunteering
We're always looking for volunteers with disabilities to help us with our products. If you'd like to get involved, please contact us.

Information on accessibility
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 These are the standards developed by individuals and organisations around the world to create a shared standard for accessibility. The Farewell Guide needs to meet Level AA of these standards as a minimum and Level AAA wherever possible.

Equality Act 2010
This is the law that protects people from any discrimination that happened since 2010. Read the provision of service which includes digital services and therefore accessibility.

Diversity and Inclusion team
The Farewell Guide creates an environment where people respect and celebrate each other's individual differences. We embrace the talents, beliefs, backgrounds and abilities of all our colleagues.