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My journey

We got the call we were dreading; My Aunt Kathy would be going in to a hospice for palliative care. It was the end of her battle with cancer. She was just 58.

We never talked about death, yet she obviously knew and so we were not prepared at all. That's despite the fact, in our hearts, we knew she was going to die. As Kathy's health deteriorated our chance to hear her wishes faded. We had no manual, no plan and didn't know where to look for support.

Then came the funeral; we knew zero about the process, pricing and most importantly, we had no idea what Kathy wanted. We needed to locate personal documents to collect her from the hospital, which were not easy to find, which was heart-breaking. Burial or cremation, photos, music, and readings were discussed and argued between the grieving siblings, it was awful. When I called around for price comparisons for the funeral, I was shocked that the price differed by 30% for the same funeral depending on the company.

In the end we found an amazing local funeral director who really supported us through the difficult time. By developing The Farewell Guide with industry experts, we have made the process so much more bearable. With an easy and free funeral planner to store end-of-life wishes, you can search our local trusted funeral directory and request prices for your exact wishes and book your funeral in minutes. 

I am so proud to be working with the most amazing charitable partners and funeral directors and cannot wait to support our users. 

So, in memory of Kathy and with my first-hand experience.

I felt compelled to develop a supportive digital solution to help and support others to navigate through this very difficult time. And along with my creative, amazing and equally passionate team, here we are!

The tool is completely free to our users and always will be.  I wanted to give the support and guidance to others, which we needed at this time. We work with industry experts in counselling, grief and terminal illness to provide content to guide our users through this difficult time.  We will create an eco-system to support our charities and the NHS with much needed resources and raise money for our charitable partners that we hold so dear and owe so much too! 

For every family or person that The Farewell Guide helps, my hope is that a part of my Auntie's spirit continues to shine through. Thank you for joining us in this worthwile journey. 

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Help a loved one plan & save money

Relieve the stress on your loved ones

Organising a funeral during a time of grief can be incredibly difficult causing lots of stress and often disagreements between families and friends left behind.

Passing your funeral wishes on takes that stress and confusion away. It also gives those you leave behind a clear guide of exactly what you want and often a sense of relief and pride that they gave you the 'send off' you envisaged.

Making your funeral plan ahead of time really will benefit your loved ones.

Help a loved one plan & save money

Let your voice be heard

Using The Farewell Guide easy funeral planner will bring together your wishes and ensure you’re remembered exactly as you should. Make your personality shine through and be remembered for it! 

What song do you want played, are you up for a party or moment of reflection? Do you want your bestie from work to say a few words? If so what would you like them to read? Share your favourite photos. Upload important information, notes and more.

What do you want mourners to wear? This is your time to shine!

Help a loved one plan & save money

Help a loved one plan & save money

We’ve made the funeral planning experience as simple as we could with guides and info. It's something you can do alone or with friends and family. Helping a parent or loved one create their plan can give you both lasting memories and peace of mind. 

Often those you leave behind spend a lot on their loved ones funeral as a way to symbolise their love for those they have lost. Leaving your wishes for your loved ones to follow will bring clarity. 

Let your voice and personality shine through.

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