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Funeral directors have long provided a valuable service to individuals and families, but for the most part, their efforts have gone unseen. Online tools can enable funeral directors to increase their visibility and promote their services without needing to invest in online marketing.

Our funeral planner delivers a free-to-use service for customers to plan all aspects of their funeral and store their end-of-life wishes. Our unique software allows for direct pricing from our partners and our collection of guides offers them support and advice during this difficult time.

Our online service means we can deliver wishes from consumers who have selected you, directly to you, at any time of the week.

Let The Farewell Guide be your digital partner and showcase your services to millions.

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Instantly receive and respond to funeral requests, ensuring prompt and efficient communication with potential clients.

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Display detailed funeral service packages online, helping clients easily understand their options and make informed decisions.

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Gain insights into the performance of different branches, helping in strategic planning and management.

Dedicated Messaging Service

Communicate efficiently with clients through a dedicated messaging service, ensuring timely updates and responses.

Automated Pricing

Automatically generate pricing based on selected services, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy.


A personalized microsite to represent your business online, enhancing your online presence and making it easier for clients to find and engage with your services.

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