Benefits of creating an online funeral plan with us

Whether you’re looking to store your funeral wishes safely in one place, or to save time on researching funeral directors local to you, creating an online funeral plan with The Farewell Guide can help.

We know how daunting this can be - so we’ve made creating a plan with us as straightforward and transparent as possible. We’re with you every step of the way: with us, you can store your details and memories in one place, share and edit your plan easily with your loved ones, and save money - and time on research - by comparing costs at the touch of a button.

Curious to find out more? You can take a look at some of the benefits of creating an online funeral plan with us below.
Store everything in one safe place
With so many details needed to plan a funeral, it can be hard to know how to organise everything - but this is where The Farewell Guide can help. With our Funeral Planner, you can keep everything in one safe place, so that nothing is lost. Our Planner can store:
  • Your detailed funeral wishes - you can store your wishes for your funeral service location, transport, flower arrangements, religious beliefs and so on
  • Your important information - you can store important documents for your loved ones, such as marriage or birth certificate, NHS medical card, a will, and so on
  • Your important contacts - you can add contact details for your next of kin, other family members, doctor, and so on
  • Your memories - you can store treasured memories, notes and photos for your loved ones
Once you create your The Farewell Guide plan, you can revisit, amend or update it at any time you like, giving you full control of your legacy and the way you wish to be remembered.
Share easily with loved ones
We know that it can be difficult speaking about death with our loved ones for all kinds of reasons - it’s hard to discuss our loved ones’ funeral wishes, and hard to speak about our own, too. But at The Farewell Guide, we make it easier to share these details and to open these conversations.

Everything is digitalised, so it’s easy to share, access and edit from any device - but also has print-friendly options, too. You can create a plan together with a friend or family member, discussing each section as you go - or you can opt to share your plan with a loved one afterwards.

Once you’ve completed your online funeral plan, you can choose to print, or download it as a PDF to email to friends or family members. Alternatively, if your loved one has their own account with The Farewell Guide, you can share it with them on their dashboard. This makes it easy for friends and family members to access your funeral wishes quickly and securely.
Save money - and time on research
We believe funeral costs should be completely transparent - but we know that, sadly, this is not often the case: 98% of families opt for the first funeral director they visit or call. At The Farewell Guide, you’ll be able to compare funeral director prices easily, not only saving money, but valuable time on research, too.

With our price comparison tool, you can receive quotes in less than 48 hours to find the best funeral director to suit your budget. We’re committed to making these tools accessible to everyone, so everything on our site is 100% free to those using the funeral planner- saving you money on expensive plan prices and funeral director costs.

At The Farewell Guide, we’ll guide you through every step of the journey - from creating an online funeral plan to share with loved ones to finding a funeral director to suit your budget.