The Farewell Guide Featured in Funeral Director Monthly

Funeral directors have long provided a valuable and caring service to individuals and families. For the most part, their efforts are largely behind the scenes, ensuring funerals run smoothly and exactly as the families wish, removing the burden from their loved ones. 

Online tools can enable funeral directors to increase their visibility and promote their services, and this isn't always through spending in online advertising. At The Farewell Guide we have created a free-to-use service for customers to plan all aspects of their funeral and store their end-of-life wishes. Through the website, people can then reach out to a handful of funeral directors to discuss their wishes and ultimately choose a funeral director to arrange the funeral. 

The Farewell Guide can, therefore, help funeral directors to find new business opportunities with lead generation from customers and benefit from digital marketing that one funeral director could not achieve with their own, stand-alone website. We have a vast support library of content for consumers that attracts people to our site from search engines, with articles ranging from What is a water cremation? to Am I too young to make a funeral plan? 

Our online funeral planning tool enables people to store their funeral wishes safely in one place and share them easily with loved ones, as well as find the right funeral director to support them with their unique funeral wishes and benefit from our collection of guides, offering support and advice to families during a difficult time. 

Each funeral director has their own listing page, that can be seen by thousands of users and is fully optimised for web search engines and optimised for viewing on mobile, tablet or desktop. For our funeral director partners, our secure management portal gives you all the tools required to manage your business listing page, all customer queries, calls and funeral quotes, and our dedicated team helps you support customers and promote your business every step of the way. 

The unique software allows you to upload direct pricing and we deliver funeral wishes and support requests from people across the UK directly to funeral directors' inboxes 24/7, 365 days a year. 

We're committed to making these tools accessible to everyone-so everything on our site is 100% free to the end user. We also donate to our chosen charities based on the funeral director's selection at time of signing-up to the platform. 

Let The Farewell Guide be your digital partner and showcase your services to millions. Find out more on our website: