Kris Hallenga's Living FUNeral

The Farewell Guide (formerly known as Legacy of Lives), was recently featured in the Daily Mail, when the paper covered the remarkable story of Kris Hallenga's living funeral. Kris, living with terminal cancer, organized a unique ceremony to celebrate her life alongside her loved ones.

Dawn French, a close friend of Kris Hallenga, paid her respects by delivering a touching eulogy as Geraldine Granger, her role as the Vicar of Dibley. Dawn's participation in Kris's living funeral was described as a privilege and a joy, contributing to an extraordinary celebration of life.

Kris Hallenga's living funeral left a lasting impact, highlighting the importance of embracing life and cherishing loved ones. Kris recommended exploring the concept of living funerals and discussing funeral wishes openly. The Farewell Guide is ready to assist individuals in documenting and fulfilling their funeral wishes.

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