New Brand Announcement – The Farewell Guide Previously Legacy of Lives

  • New brand - The Farewell Guide  

  • New multimillion pound national advertising campaign launching soon. 

  • In a first for the funeral industry in the UK our uniquely independent website now includes immediate comparison pricing from thousands of Britain's funeral providers.  

  • Supporting consumers with informed choices to arrange a funeral. 

Copyright The Farewell Guide 2024. The family putting together a funeral for their late Grandmother for the new ad. 

If you've noticed a change in our appearance, you're absolutely right. We've recently revamped our brand name and identity, setting the stage for an exciting transformation ahead. 

From subtle tweaks to significant enhancements, these updates pave the way for a year of innovation that we're eager to share with you. Our new platform, alongside supportive services, sets the groundwork for an improved user experience. Plus, we're introducing a dedicated section on pricing and service comparison, ensuring users are promptly matched with funeral providers based on their preferences and budget. 

We have also partnered with UKTV to launch a multi-million-pound advertising campaign, which will be airing in mid-May! Alongside continuing to take part in documentaries, radio, and television to keep pushing transparency in the funeral industry. 

As we gear up to launch our new site and TV campaign, we're reimagining our brand to make a splash and spotlight the best providers to our community. Our goal? To equip our planners with all the information they need to arrange a funeral with confidence and clarity. 

Recent developments have fuelled our commitment to empowering consumers with informed choices. We take pride in fostering a robust community of providers dedicated to delivering top-notch service to our users. Our approach? We're not about disrupting traditions or pushing technology to the extreme. Instead, we're all about simplicity, ease of use, and unwavering focus on providing independent and free support during challenging times. 

What’s changing?  

As we gear up to launch with the most comprehensive database of funeral provider prices in the UK, alongside a seamless communication system for consumers and providers, we're set to revolutionise funeral planning as you know it. We're not just aiming for more options, but better ones. 

Our new brand identity reflects our commitment to simplicity, quality, and empathy. We've overhauled our design, colour palette, tone of voice, illustrations, and photography to better resonate with you—because we understand you. 

The Farewell Guide is your trusted partner for funeral planning in the UK. We place a premium on transparency and independence, ensuring impartial and well-informed decisions for consumers like you. For funeral directors, we provide self-regulation tools, lead generation, and complimentary digital marketing services, allowing them, to concentrate on supporting you to deliver the best funeral for your needs.  

Join our community and let us support you every step of the way. 

The Farewell Guide the better way to plan a funeral.  

Embracing the Purple 

We've selected a colour that symbolises comfort, security, and pride for all those joining us on our mission to support consumers in finding the best provider for their budget and needs. Our aim was to choose a name that our community would proudly be a part of and for our users to know that we'll be there to guide them for free during this challenging time. 


Farewell signifies the expression of good wishes upon parting. We're here to help you articulate those sentiments, share them, compare them, and discover the best providers to honour them! 

The Guide 

To provide guidance or assistance to someone on how to do or understand something. That's us. We're in the process of creating a directory of exceptional providers, industry experts, and more to offer you as much free support as possible in arranging a funeral or farewell. 

Technology, Products, and Now, People 

Admittedly, like many brands in our industry, we've occasionally been too focused on our products. Moving forward, we're shifting our focus to what truly matters: people. In both our photography and messaging, we're prioritising themes of love, community, support, and authenticity. 

Copyright The Farewell Guide 2024. Meet the couple chatting about their funeral in our new ad. 

But we recognise that we're nothing without the brilliant community and talented funeral providers, visionary business owners, brands, founders, marketing managers, hospices, hospitals, consumers, and HR departments. 

So, this is just a glimpse of our new look. The journey has only just begun. As we on a relentless mission to empower consumers in making informed choices when arranging a funeral, we'll continue to advocate for transparency and control. You'll witness this freshly updated identity shining in all its glory, as we excel at what we do best - providing a better way to plan a funeral. 

Copyright The Farewell Guide 2024, The family putting together a funeral for their late Grandmother for the new ad.  

How to choose a Funeral Provider, more so than ever we see why picking the right provider for your needs is paramount and with no regulation you need the Guide for support. Our members are vetted before being approved, so you know you are in good hands with a The Funeral Guide provides.  

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Thank you. 

The Farewell Guide 





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