Prepaid funeral plans

Booking a prepaid funeral plan through The Farewell Guide allows you to pay for the essential elements of a funeral in advance, either for yourself or for someone else, from carefully selected providers. Prepaid funeral plans work by paying a monthly fee or a lump sum, this money is then used by the provider to organise and deliver the funeral on the death of the named individual.  Funeral plans are protected against inflation so, in theory, the price you pay today will cover your funeral wishes, even if in 20 years' time.  However, when selecting a prepaid funeral plan, you will need to take note of what the plan covers, as some aspects of a funeral may not be included, often pre-paid funeral plan providers have the choice of several different packages.  

Planning a prepaid funeral through The Farewell Guide allows planners to have access to all the same funeral options as would be available for an at-need funeral, for example natural burial or direct cremation. Once you have recorded your wishes you can submit to our prepaid partners to recieve a quote.  When planning through The Farewell Guide funeral planner you will also be to add memories, wishes and important documents to the plan, which can be shared with loved ones. When the prepaid plan is activated, a funeral notice will be created to be shared with whomever you wish, and a memorial page will be created, which you will have full control over who contributes and what they contribute.  

It is important that if you are purchasing the plan for yourself that you inform your loved ones about the plan and keep the details somewhere safe and accessible, this makes it easy for loved ones to access the plan and make contact with the provider. Once contact has been made the provider will action the plan as agreed, in some cases there may be extra fees to be paid if loved ones wish to add extra services to the plan.  

The prepaid funeral market has recently come under the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and now offers planners more security than in the past. As of July 2022, all firms that sell pre-paid funeral plans are now required by law to be FCA regulated. On The Farewell Guide we only list FCA regulated pre-paid funeral firms, to give you the greatest confidence when purchasing a prepaid funeral plan.   Prepaid funeral becoming regulated is great news for the consumer as it offers significantly increased consumer protection including:

  • Protection of your money if the provider goes into administration
  • The opportunity to make a complaint to the Financial Obudsman if you are unhappy with the service you have recieved. 

The FCA have also looked into stamping out some bad market practices by banning cold calling and also stopping commision payments to intermediaries, such as funeral directors, to limite the risk of plans being mis-sold. The Farewell Guide funeral planner allows you to record your funeral wishes and then submit to our FCA regulated prepaid partners to receive a quote.   There is no charge for this service and we do not receive any renumeration from the providers for plans that have been introduced via our website.