The Farewell Guide x UKTV Advert Goes Live

Lift off! 🚀


Today we go officially live with our first TV advertising campaign.

All made possible by the award-winning broadcaster UKTV investing in The Farewell Guide, using its multi-million-pound investment fund, UKTV Ventures earlier in 2024. The initial deal is worth £3 million of airtime over the next three years.

UKTV Ventures' £1 million airtime-for-equity investment sees The Farewell Guide launch its first TV advertising campaign on the broadcaster's seven linear channels - Dave, W, Gold, Alibi, Drama, Yesterday, and Eden.

The Farewell Guide will benefit from access to an audience of over 25 million viewers a month to exponentially increase brand awareness and in return, UKTV will gain an equity stake in the business.

The adverts made by the creative team Orange Panther Creative and Annexe are 60 seconds and 40 second formats. Where we see a couple discussing wants and needs and a family making choices and how The Farewell Guide can help them.

With only 1% of people knowing their loved one's funeral wishes, 82% of people getting just one quote for their funeral and 16% selling belongings to fund a funeral, we wanted to change the conversation around funerals in the UK.

Our mission is to make funeral planning simpler and better for everyone, and with UKTV's support, we can now bring our innovative and supportive resource to a broader audience through their incredible channels.

Thank you to UKTV for choosing to partner with us and helping consumers to make informed choices possible during a time of loss and end of life planning.

Well done to all involved! Now... a whole day of UKTV watching lies ahead.