What types of coffins are there?

Choosing a coffin is something to think about as the price varies dramatically, you may also wish to consider environmental impact. We know it’s an incredibly hard thing to do for a loved one but expensive is not always best it’s all down to personal preference and financial circumstance. Let’s try to guide you through the process as best we can.

What types of coffins are there:

1. The traditional coffins are usually made using oak veneers, which are laminated on to chipboard or medium density fibreboard (MDF). These are the most common coffins and are in the region of £600 upwards.

2. Cardboard these coffins are becoming increasingly popular as they are eco friendly and you can personalise them with painting, drawings photos and designs. Some cardboard coffins can carry up to 25 stone. These can start from £100 upwards.

3. Other wooden coffins:
  • Bamboo coffin which is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. These can start from £280 upwards.
  • English willow these can start from £300 upwards  
  • Banana coffin made from dried banana leaves starts from £429 upwards
  • European willow coffin starts from £345 upwards
4. American coffin is usually in steel or solid wood with an openable hinged top and fabric lined. These can start from £1,125 upwards to £25,000 + for gold plated!

5. Glitter coffins this is a new product where a coffin is dipped in to the glitter or designers apply each sparkle of your choice these start from £795 upwards  

6. Bespoke coffins: You can always design or commission your own coffin. Here are some ideas from Crazy coffins from your favourite drink, car or bag design!
Most coffins are shaped traditionally this is known as a sarcophagus.

This shape is narrower at the toes and wider at the shoulders and the other shape is the casket which is a rectangular shape.

You can ask funeral directors or coffin suppliers for bespoke quotes.