Raising Awareness about Death and Encouraging Open Conversations

What is the Dying Matters campaign?

Death is a natural part of life, and it's something that affects everyone, regardless of age or background. However, talking about death and planning for it can be difficult and uncomfortable for many people.

That's where the Dying Matters campaign comes in.

The Dying Matters campaign is aims to raise awareness and encourage people to talk about dying, death, and bereavement. The campaign was launched in 2009 by the National Council for Palliative Care, a charity that works to improve the quality of life for people who are approaching the end of their lives.

The campaign's goal is to promote open and honest conversations about death and dying, and to encourage people to make plans and have their wishes known. By talking openly about death and planning ahead, we can ensure that we receive the care and support we want at the end of our lives, and that our loved ones are better prepared.


The Dying Matters campaign focuses on five key themes:


  1. Talking – encouraging people to talk about their wishes for the end of their lives, and to have conversations with their loved ones and healthcare professionals.


  1. Planning – helping people to plan ahead and make arrangements for their end-of-life care.


  1. Support – providing support and care to people who are dying, as well as to their families and loved ones.


  1. Care – ensuring that everyone receives high-quality care at the end of their life, regardless of their location or circumstances.


  1. Financial – providing information and advice on financial planning and benefits for people who are approaching the end of their lives.


The Dying Matters campaign uses a variety of tools and resources to promote its message, including social media, events, and educational materials. The campaign has been successful in raising awareness and encouraging people to talk more openly about death and dying.

In addition to the Dying Matters campaign, The Farewell Guide is committed to helping people plan ahead for their funeral and share their wishes with their loved ones. Our platform provides a convenient, personalized, and cost-effective ways to plan your funeral, with 24/7 access to your plan and important documents. By using our platform, you can ease the burden on your loved ones during a difficult time, while also ensuring that your final wishes are known and respected. This year during awareness week, from May 8-14, we'll be exploring the 6 compassionate superpower talking points on our social media platforms also putting them into practice with our colleagues, friends, and family.

We warmly invite you to explore our platform and use it to plan ahead, talk about death with loved ones, and ensure that their legacy is honoured in the way they feel is right.

For more information on how you can participate see https://www.hospiceuk.org/our-campaigns/dying-matters/dying-matters-awareness-week